Thursday, January 17, 2008

Online Poll: Most qualified 2008 candidate is you

YOUR COMPUTER - In a recent poll taken online today, you matched your own values more closely than any other candidate.

You were referring to numerous online polls that take potential voters through a series of issues, rank priorities and show the presidential candidate that best matches.

"I took the quiz eight times, and it kept coming up me," you said. "I know the odds are slim given that most of the nation hasn't heard of me. But I haven't ruled out running."

"On every single issue -- the economy, the Iraq War, Social Security, Sunday liquor sales, speed limits in my neighborhood and health care -- no one else came closer than me on my core values."

"Well, there was something about reform where Dennis Kucinich agrees with me more, but I'm a definite Me supporter."

"I'm waiting to see what happens in the next 45 primaries before making a decision," said you the voter. You the candidate expressed concern that if you did run, you'd run out of money some time during the Iowa caucuses, which already happened.
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