Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ted McGinley to join Fox Business Network

Veteran TV actor and series turnaround expert Ted McGinley will join the cast of Fox Business Network next week to bolster disappointing viewership of the fledgling network.

Chairman Roger Ailes said that he would not settle for “anything short of a revolution” in its quest to overturn CNBC as the premier business news channel. So far, Fox has garnered an average of about 6,000 viewers on a given weekday.

“And that’s where Ted comes in,” according to an anonymous informant. “His pioneering work in such television institutions as ‘The Love Boat,’ ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Vernonica’s Closet’ will bring just the shot in the arm we need to seal the fate of this venture. I mean secure the fate.”

Network executives considered several options in addition to McGinley, including adding an adopted child, getting into a caper on vacation in Hawaii, letting some of the lead characters direct, and doing a musical episode.

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