Thursday, March 13, 2008

Redesigned $5 bill features authentication key

WASHINGTON - The redesigned five-dollar bill debuts today, with new features that will help combat counterfeiting.

Some measures are not publicized, but one is hard to miss - a certificate of authenticity and product authentication key right across the front of the bill.

President Abraham Lincoln still graces the front of the note, and next to his portrait is a holographic decal that end users must register online to validate the currency.

The U.S. Treasury Department is rolling out a new program called "Genuine Dollar Advantage" with this launch. On the back of the bills is a reminder that asks, "Is my money real?" and a link to The online validation will help end users determine if their money is fake.

The old fives will remain in circulation, but must be upgraded by February 2009 or they will cease to work.
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  1. lololol this is funny poke at the MS.
    However, I thought all US currency was actually MS currency already :P


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