Friday, March 7, 2008

Virtual people only ones to use facility as intended

MINNEAPOLIS - The computer generated "filler people" used in planning the layout of a new facility are the last ones to occupy it in the way the designer intended.

The actual people who would later move about the $34 million Morris Day Center for the Arts ignored the flowing paths envisioned by architect Kurt Doppelgang.

"I create these tranquil, inviting spaces, and no one goes into them," said Doppelgang. "They just cling to the furniture or go walking through quickly."

Several renderings depict virtual patrons enjoying the space evenly, appreciating the expansive feng shui of the Day Center.

"The easy-going nature of those simulated visitors had me quite eager to see the same when we opened," said curator Valerie Hinton. "But the real ones more or less clump up in a few places."
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