Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gullibility Analysis Workshop $399 this week only

PENSACOLA - For a limited time, JankyPower is offering a reduced-price workshop to help you assess your gullibility factor, or RGI (Raw Gullibility Index®).

For $399 USD, you get an in-depth analysis of the habits and behaviors that govern your propensity to fall for scams, schemes and frauds. Never again become victim to snake oil hucksters who promise you the sky, but deliver only financial ruin.

Part 1 begins Saturday at 11:00 AM, where a series of questionnaires evaluates your thresholds and tolerance for hoodwinkery. We will break for lunch at noon, returning for the Part 2 session; participants from Part 1 will receive a discount on subsequent sessions. Parking is validated with the Platinum Package.

Parts 2 and 3 go in-depth, employing patented Gullibitron Technology to measure skin response to situations that may compromise your financial decision-making integrity. Video recording of your expression when asked for money will help us determine your bracket for sessions 4 through 7.

Personal coaching is available for an additional fee, and will tremendously enhance your understanding of RGI.

Seats are limited, so call now! This offer is only available to the first ten callers in the next half hour: 1-888-JP-QUEST
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