Monday, May 19, 2008

Man living every day as if last makes it so

CROSSWIND GORGE - Base jumper, extreme skier and all-around connoisseur of life Vince Cartinal died today, pretty much as expected. Despite his years of experience, simple odds caught up with him in the form of a wayward breeze.

"Vince always said 'Live every moment of every day like it's your last, because it could be,'" said shrugging, grieving friends at Cartinal's memorial service, hastily improvised at the bottom of the canyon. "He sure proved that."

"Vince was always looking for that ultimate thrill, that one thing he wouldn't regret having not done if he lived to a ripe old age. Maybe this was it."

Cartinal enjoyed tempting fate, and played a large part in the likelihood that fate would win that much sooner. He is survived by a group of single guys dedicated to doing the same in his memory.
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