Thursday, May 22, 2008

"The Or And" most un-Googleable name

SPURNISBURG - Potential employers who want to find out more about Mr. The Or And are out of luck. The unemployed web designer has had no success convincing search engines that his name is a valid one, because it is identical to three other words in English, 'the', 'or' and 'and'. Most search engines ignore these words in search queries.

"You do a search for 'The Or And', it just throws out the whole string," said And, whose profile has received four hits in the last month, all by stray web crawlers. "All the Google results have to do with computer logic. One recruiter suggested changing my name, but to what? I've always been The Or And."

Sadly, Mr. And is in the United States on an expired visa and is worried about the immigration authorities finding him before anyone else does. He and his wife An If And keep their hopes up, saying that they're relatively safe if the agents are using the same internet.
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