Saturday, May 24, 2008

Procrastinatorium funding delayed

LAYLOWE - The groundbreaking ceremony for the world's first Procrastinatorium has been pushed back once again, due to a holdup in securing the financing for construction.

Founder Perry Lagtemps issued a statement Friday, May 24 confirming his intention to apply for building permits by February 2007.

"Advance membership has not reached levels we'd like to see to proceed," said Lagtemps. "We will reevaluate the situation as soon as conveniently possible."

The Laylowe Procrastinatorium will be a center for advanced study of idleness and "constructive sloth" once completed. A draft press release dated July 1995 describes the pending complex as a "marvel of modern technique in the [something that implies the grandeur of the antithesis of overworking]".
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