Friday, May 16, 2008

"Zimbabwe Presidential Showdown" picked up for second season

HARARE, Zimabwe - Despite a slight decline in ratings, the reality show "Zimbabwe's Presidential Showdown" will continue production through at least June.

Current president Robert Mugabe and contender Morgan
Tsvangirai will go head-to-head in a June 27 runoff that promises to keep the series fresh into the summer.

Violence and accusations of fraud have characterized the entire run of the show, generating sensational headlines around the world. Producers are considering numerous changes, including finding a Simon Cowell-type character to add narrative, and renaming the series "Who Wants to Be Zimbabwe's President?"

If viewership holds up, "Showdown" may continue longer than the 2000 U.S. Presidential Showdown, which pitted contenders Al Gore and George W. Bush against each other in a ratings bonanza.
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  1. Like, OMG!! Zimbabwe, like, totally has a black president! I wonder if their local press questions whether he's black enough?


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