Monday, July 14, 2008

200th JankyVision post kind of a dud

DENVER - Early reviews of the 200th entry for the mildly popular humor blog "JankyVision" have been unenthusiastic.

"They went real strong there for a while, then disappeared for a couple weeks," said avid reader Gordon Bizhan. "And they come back with this? The picture doesn't even go with the text!"

Pundits close to the blog's board of directors suggested that a move of JankyCorp's headquarters prompted the blip in output.

Some uncertainty also surrounded the actual count of posts at, attributed to fatigue, recurring indolence and an indeterminate number of posts in draft.

"Not to worry, there's plenty of ersatz news out there to go around," said Press Liaison Dennis Pascale.
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  1. At least you got the star ratings thing enabled, so you've got that going for you.


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