Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Declassified Memo: Katrina determined to strike in U.S.

A recently declassified Presidential Daily Briefing dated August 26, 2005 details advance intelligence of Hurricane Katrina's plans to strike with unprecedented cataclysmic force in the continental United States in the coming days.

"We were warned," said Dave McMurtry, weather reporter for the KZ-100 Morning Zoo. "This was not a failure of intelligence."

"No one could have foreseen this," said a government official under condition of anonymity. "Except the meteorologists and news services who did, but infighting within the agencies delayed the message. Somebody should have done something."

The President's Daily Brief (PDB) is a top-secret document provided each morning to the President of the United States by the Director of National Intelligence. It provides the president with intelligence warranting attention.

Reports indicate that future PDB memos may include a recommendation to watch or read the news.
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