Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saloon patron does not particularly care for your tone of voice, mister

SAGEBRUSH - Standing right there at the bar is one fellow who did not at all cotton to your choice of words.

The self-described "simple man" who goes by the name of Dalton wishes to remind you, in case you had not already heard, that this town will not be putting up with any ruckus or nonsense.

Dalton and several of his cohorts, all recently deputized, do not recall seeing the likes of you in these parts. It seems to them that it takes a lot of darn gall to inquire of the barkeep in such an impertinent tone. They now wonder if you would like to take this one opportunity to rephrase your question, son.

You now have two options under consideration, both with a non-negotiable time constraint. One, you turn tail and skeedaddle from the premises. Two, you find a more pleasant way of asking if this establishment validates horse hitch parking.
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