Friday, October 10, 2008

Customer not alerted to discontinuation of regular fries

EDGEWATER - Arby's customer Victor Burstin expressed outrage at the drive through window that he had not been apprised of the fast food restaurant's removal of so-called "regular" fries from their menu.

"It's only curly fries or potato cakes now," said Burstin, who had not been to an Arby's for several months by his estimation. "Who doesn't have regular fries? That's just insane."

Burstin arrived at the Sheridan Avenue location intent on ordering a combo meal consisting of a roast beef sandwich with cheddar sauce, regular fries and an as yet undetermined soft drink. Upon ordering, he specified regular fries. The team member taking his order told Burstin that regular fries were no longer available, and had not been for quite some time.

"Since when?" replied Burstin. A short verbal scuffle ensued, but concluded with Burstin accepting curly fries.

"I still don't know how this could have happened. I don't expect them to advertise it, but I'm at a loss for why they did this. And it's an important change. The coating on the two kinds of fries is very different. These [curly fries] have some kind of spicy batter that I don't always want."

Arby's spokespersons were not contacted by Burstin beyond the team member at the drive through window, who refused further comment.

Burstin has endured similar menu upheavals in the past, most notably with the occasional offering then withdrawal of McRib sandwiches and banana milkshakes by McDonald's.

A few months ago, when Wendy's suddenly expanded the available flavors of the Frosty from chocolate to possibly three or more, Burstin spoke with a manager about the newly complicated process.

"Used to be you could just order a Frosty, and now you have to pick a flavor. It's been just plain Frosty since forever."

The unnamed manager, age 19, did not know what Burstin was talking about.
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