Saturday, May 30, 2015

Asbest-O's Flame-Resistant Cereal recalled over safety concerns

AVONDALE - Makers of Asbest-O's Flame-Resistant Cereal are pulling the product from shelves this week amid accusations that they did not properly label the cereal as being manufactured in a facility that also handles wheat and peanuts.

JF Brands media liaison Francis Burns said that the recall is an extra precaution and that there is no cause for alarm among consumers with allergies.

"The box is labeled on one side as coming from a plant that produces wheat and peanut products," said Burns. "If you take the time to read your labels, you've got nothing to worry about. We're just taking an extra step to assure the public that there will be no possibility of exposure to allergens from our products."

Asbest-O's, a popular new arrival on the cereal aisle, is not new to controversy. Earlier this year consumer advocates pointed out that the non-flammable breakfast loops contain a food coloring designated by the state of California as a carcinogen. Although the dye is not banned elsewhere, observers note that most producers follow suit.

A few critics have pointed out that the main ingredient in the cereal, asbestos, is a harmful and hazardous material that should never be allowed in food. The EPA is looking into these allegations.

"As long as consumers are not using the cereal for any unintended purpose such as insulation or construction material, they should be fine," said Burns. "Just make sure you have a good after-breakfast abatement and disposal program."
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