Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This man fights an alligator, and you won't believe wh-- actually, it's pretty straightforward what happens next

FLORIDA - To the astonishment of exactly no one, the man pictured above was attacked and devoured by alligators moments after he entered the lagoon and started a fight with one.

We had hoped to publish an uplifting, share-worthy story of triumph or some crap like that. But come on. You know very well what happens when you take on mother nature. Millions of years of finely tuned evolution in the form of alligators went up against a 23-year-old dumbass who had watched one too many reality shows.

So, if you want to, go ahead and share this. Out of respect for the family, we have withheld the victim's name and the video of the reptiles thrashing him to bits.
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  1. The man is really brave and I would like to see the result of the fight.

    1. The fight ended in a split decision by the judges, but the alligator won based on the talent portion of the event.


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